Objectives | Technical Approach | Expected Achievements/Impact

The expected research results from the AROMA project can be summarised as follows:

  • Further progress on the definition of advanced RRM/CRRM mechanisms leading to an optimized usage of the different Radio Access technologies.
  • Providing innovative end-to-end QoS strategies for an All-IP mobile access network. Define the interactions between a BB and the radio entities, in order to provide the adapted QoS to the service and to use in an optimal way the heterogeneity of the All- IP access network.
  • To develop mechanisms allowing an automated tuning of the CRRM/RRM algorithms and corresponding parameters via network management software.
  • To carry out economic evaluation on the impacts of the novel solutions considered by the project.

The commercial impact of the studies to be carried out within the project is expected to be viable in the years 2010-2015; from the much hoped-for commercial success of 3G networks until their full maturity. It is anticipated that the progression towards an evolved 3G All-IP Network (AIPN) may enable leverage of information technology (IT) hardware and software with general-purpose, and mobile network specific software that should provide cost reduction (CAPEX and OPEX) for infrastructure equipment and applications of 3GPP based mobile networks. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the work carried out in AROMA is well aligned with the protocols defined and approved in relevant standardization bodies (3GPP, IETF, etc.). In that sense, the operator driven approach selected for the proposal is coherent with the aforementioned mid- and long term focus, because it ensures the compliance with future developments as well as to provide useful results at a suitable time.